You can spot a stroke

Don’t wait. Call 995. Stroke is an emergency.
Early treatment in a hospital improves outcomes.

Donate to support the stroke community

Your donations will go a long way in supporting the needs of stroke survivors and their families in Singapore.




Upcoming SNSA Activities / Programmes


SNSA organises programmes for stroke survivors and their carers. These programmes (e.g., Stroke Clubs) provide a platform for people to learn more about stroke, share their experiences, motivate them to live life to their fullest, and reintegrate them back into the community. SNSA also reaches out to members of the public to raise stroke awareness, and engages volunteers to contribute meaningfully towards our beneficiaries (e.g., befriending services). You are welcome to join us!

Click here to read about SNSA’s A Stroke of Jazz event! 












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Know your risk and prevent a stroke

Assess your individual risk of stroke using the WSO endorsed and widely translated Stroke Riskometer.

The AUT National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neurosciences in New Zealand, in collaboration with international leaders in stroke prevention, has developed a Stroke RiskometerTM app. It is an award-winning and easy-to-use tool for measuring your individual risk of a stroke in the next five to ten years. The Pro version will also supply essential information on how you can reduce the chance of stroke.

Please follow this link to obtain more information about the Stroke Riskometer: About the Stroke Riskometer


You can also elect to join an international research study, RIBURST, where your data will help develop better understanding of stroke and its risk factors and to develop global prevention strategies. Please follow this link to obtain more information about the RIBURST study: About the RIBURST study

Stroke Awareness Talks

SNSA gives stroke awareness talks to members of the public as well as organisations.

If you are keen to organise a stroke awareness talk at your event or organisation, kindly contact us at