Info for Stroke Survivors and Caregivers
Stroke and Depression: What is the link?

By: Dr Kinjal Doshi, Principal Psychologist at Singapore General Hospital  A stroke impacts each individual differently depending on the type and severity. Regardless, each individual who has had a stroke recognises that they cannot return to living their lives as they did before the stroke. For many, surviving a stroke means having to make changes to […]

Stroke Information and Resources

What is a stroke? How do you recognise the signs of a stroke? What should you do when you have a stroke? What can you expect when the ambulance arrives? What are the treatments for stroke? Find out more from this article by the ACLS Training Center.

Stroke Patient: Mobile App with Stroke Information

Stroke Patient is designed specifically for patients recovering from a stroke, their families and their friends. It helps to explain strokes, available treatments and the hospital care process. The app, created by a team of stroke specialists, provides easy-to-understand information on strokes and emergency stroke treatments.

Understanding Stroke: A Guide for Stroke Survivors and Their Families

This e-book is an easy-to-read guide on stroke put together by healthcare professionals, stroke associations, and healthcare partners. The guide aims to provide a better understanding of stroke, its accompanying problems, available therapies, and advice on coping long-term with the condition.

What to Expect when You or a Loved One Suffers from a Stroke

Stroke can be a devastating event for patients and their families. Learn what happens after a stroke.

Potential Complications after a Stroke

Post-stroke complications are common, occurring in 40-95 per cent of patients. Learn more about the effects and possible complications of a stroke, and how to manage them.

6 Top Questions to Ask your Doctor

Every stroke patient is unique. Here are the top 6 questions you should ask your doctor to get the full picture when it comes to your individual situation.