Stroke Support Groups (SSGs)

The SSG is a network of stroke survivors, caregivers and volunteers. Initiated in 2014 by stroke survivors and caregivers, and with the support of SNSA, the SSG aims to be a platform for both stroke survivors and caregivers to meet informally, participate in social activities together, offer emotional support to one another, and share common challenges and knowledge about stroke.

There are two support networks: 

- stroke support group (SSG) for stroke survivors 

- caregiver support group (CSG) for caregivers 

With a current network of about 30 people, the SSG hopes to grow further and eventually decentralise its activities to meet the needs of stroke survivors and caregivers across different geographical locations in Singapore. 

Stroke Support Group 

SNSA Stroke Support Group  

Caregiver Support Group  


Recent Activities

The SSG organised a table tennis game cum dinner session at Singapore Sports Hub. 

Table Tennis

To join or find out more about our SSG and CSG, please contact us at 6222 9514 or