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Upcoming Stroke Clubs Meetings

  • 26 Jul - Falls Prevention: Assessment and Intervention
  • 27 Sep - Driving Assessment: Road to Recovery
  • 18 Oct - Social and Healthcare Resource Planning and Mapping
  • 8 Nov - Arts and Therapy


What is a stroke club?
A stroke club is a place where stroke survivors and their caregivers can share their experiences with one another. It is designed to be a:



Support group where members can help each other by sharing their burdens and worries and receive counseling, advice and support;.


Educational center to reinforce the importance of managing risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus and obesity; and

Resource center for stroke survivors and caregivers to better understand the psychosocial aspects of stroke and the avenues for help and advice.


Why is there a need for a stroke club?
It has been reported that more than 55% of stroke survivors in rehabilitation in Singapore experience depression. The stroke club will hopefully help stroke survivors deal with this issue as the staff in the hospitals are unable to do, especially after the stroke survivors are discharged. The evidence has shown that early resolution of these concerns will usually lead to a speedy recovery.

How is the stroke club structured?

The one-hour stroke club sessions will be conducted in the outpatient clinics of the various hospitals. Trained facilitators including stroke survivors, caregivers will discuss topics concerning the physical, mental, social, emotional and financial aspects of post-stoke care. The topics complement the medical and rehabilitative services of the hospitals.

The sessions will be conducted in English and Mandarin with some dialects and Malay if the need arises.

When does the stroke club meet?

The SNSA runs the stroke clubs with the support of other public agencies such as hospitals.

The stroke club sessions are conducted once or twice a month. At this moment, only the stroke club in the Singapore General Hospital is holding meetings. These are held on the last Thursday of every month. Please check with Ann Sebastian at 6358 4138 or email at for the time and date of the sessions.


SNSA also held stroke club with different topics on a bi-monthly


22 February 2014 Stroke Club - Presentation slides by Dr Gan Po on "Emotional Competence"

29 March 2014 Stroke Club - Presentation slides by Dr Christopher Chen on "The Post-Stroke Checklist"


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