Post-stroke Checklist

What is the Post-Stroke Checklist (PSC)?
The Post-Stroke Checklist (PSC) was developed by an international group of stroke experts, and is a simple, easy-to-use checklist of 11 key questions that helps healthcare professionals identify post-stroke problems amenable to treatment and/or referral. Find out more here.

Who can administer the PSC?
The PSC might be administered by many different healthcare staff as well as self-administered (if the patient has done this before) or used by non-healthcare staff but it is important to note that studies on its acceptability are so far limited to relatively experienced healthcare staff.

Are healthcare staff able to customise the PSC for their institution’s use?
The PSC is only a template and so different institutions can make appropriate changes to it.

How can I view a sample of the PSC?
You may view a sample of the PSC here:

SNSA thanks Dr Christopher Chen for sharing the PSC with us.