Stroke Clubs

stroke club

SNSA organises stroke clubs about once every two months. Stroke clubs are a platform for stroke survivors and their caregivers to meet and learn from invited speakers (healthcare professionals, therapists, etc) on topics relevant to them, such as post-stroke care.

The stroke club is designed to be a:

  • Support group where members can help each other by sharing their burdens and worries and receive advice and support;
  • Educational centre to reinforce the importance of managing risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus and obesity; and
  • Resource centre for stroke survivors and caregivers to better understand the psychosocial aspects of stroke and the avenues for help and advice.

Stroke survivors and their caregivers are welcomed to attend stroke clubs to learn and receive support and encouragement from others who face similar challenges.

Stroke Clubs for the Year 2017

Date Topic Facilitator

15, 29 March

12, 26 April

10, 24 May

Lawn Bowling @ Sports Hub Sports Hub Coaches

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