President’s Message
President’s Message

Dear friends,


Having a stroke is no laughing matter. Partial paralysis, problems with vision, speech and language, memory loss, as well as altered behavioural states are the common lot of stroke sufferers. With the rising incidence of stroke in Singapore, many of us have seen at first-hand how devastating it can be—both to the individual (each sufferer is affected in a unique way) and to their families.

While most of us would readily concede the costs of stroke on our society and economy, few, however, appreciate how much of a difference proper stroke support, awareness and advocacy can make to the lives of stroke sufferers and their loved ones. Neither did my wife and I—that is, until we came to the Singapore National Stroke Association (SNSA).

Registered under the Societies Act in December 1996, the SNSA is Singapore’s only national-level stroke support group. It is run by the very people we serve — stroke survivors and caregivers with the strong support of our volunteers, guidance from medical doctors and experienced healthcare professionals. In addition to being an Institution of Public Character (IPC), SNSA is also a member of the National Council for Social Service (NCSS) and the World Stroke Organisation (WSO).

As we build up our partnership with members of the public and other organisations in the community, SNSA looks forward to further grow and expand in the coming years to serve the growing number of stroke survivors and their families. Come join us in our fight against stroke!

Yours sincerely,

Amos Wee

SNSA President, on behalf of the SNSA executive committee